When I had the allergic reaction to the dye, all I could think about was school. I kept saying to myself, "You can't let this defeat you!" I worked hard to get where I am, through every obstacle, I manage to pull myself up, hold my head high, and continue to push forward. Somethings that … Continue reading Inspiration


The Journey Begins

β€œThe Purple Purpose” Day 1 Today it hit me, I found my purpose. I found why God placed me on this earth, it clicked. It all makes sense. From day one, I have wanted to be a nurse. I knew it was my calling, and I have been determined ever since. I have had health … Continue reading The Journey Begins

Lupus Natural Treatments (Including Medical Marijuana)

Lupus Natural Treatments (Including Medical Marijuana) β€” Read on Check this interesting read out! I'm going into the field of rheumatology, and natural & holistic healing, I have been doing my research on the benefits of medical marijuana, on not only lupus, but autoimmune diseases as a whole.