When I had the allergic reaction to the dye, all I could think about was school. I kept saying to myself, “You can’t let this defeat you!” I worked hard to get where I am, through every obstacle, I manage to pull myself up, hold my head high, and continue to push forward. Somethings that work for me when I am in a flare, or when my body is under some type of distress, I like to listen to music. I also like to turn on my diffuser, to relax my mind and body, using aromatherapy. I try to speak out about how I am feeling, or what I am thinking; I like to get advice from others who have gone through similar experiences. Sharing is not only good for ourselves, it is also a way to educate and advocate, for others living with an autoimmune disease, or for those who care for someone with an autoimmune disease. What inspires you to keep pushing, when you encounter a flare or your body simply shut downs, due to stress, illness, etc? Leave a comment below!


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