Light One For Lupus

New Jersey Residents! With the field I am choosing to go into, and being an individual with Lupus, I can relate personally. If I were to take every prescription prescribed, or suggested to me, my chances of major organ failure increases and chances of addiction rises as well. Things have changed in the world of alternative medicine, opening the doors to new options such as, supplements, oils, edibles, vapes, and aroma therapy. My goal is to raise awareness, promote management, and help find a cure, to this cruel disease, as well as, many other autoimmune diseases, seeking and utilizing more natural and holistic alternatives.

Tears filled my eyes when I found out this news this morning.


Last year in April, I was invited to Trenton to speak in front of the Medical Marijuana Program Panel. My goal was to have Lupus added to the list of approved illnesses for the state of New Jersey. I was the only one who got up in front of a room full of people to advocate for Lupus. I was also the youngest. My biggest fear was that they weren’t going to take me seriously because of my age, but guess what?! The way I presented my speech was so powerful that it actually made a difference.

Fight for things you truly believe in, even if people don’t agree with you. It took awhile,img_9021but as one of the only people to be advocating for Lupus in front of the Panel, I’m beyond stoked to announce that if…

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