Natural remedies for immune health

I started using Elderberry when my local Health Haven, introduced me. I did my research on the excellent benefits of elderberry and keeping a healthier immune system. I place a few drops in my orange juice every morning, for both my daughter and I. Try it out! You can also purchase Elderberry at your local Whole Foods Market!

Everything I post is based on personal preference, personal experience, and research. I am not a doctor, nor can I guarantee that what works for me, will work for anyone else. I am sharing my journey, as I learn, adapt, and advocate, through personal experience and social interaction. No one persons symptoms and/or situation is identical, however, majority of us can relate in some way. As I learn what works best for me, versus what does not, I want to share this information with other individuals living with an autoimmune disease like mine, in efforts to promote healthy and holistic healing πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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