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Hey guys!

As you know, I have lupus, but lupus isn’t the only autoimmune disease. There are hundreds of tests, possibly more, that aide in the diagnosis of different autoimmune diseases. “The Purple Purpose” is my project and journey, through my personal life, living with lupus. However, many of these autoimmune diseases mimic one another, sharing similar symptoms, forms of treatment, and even cross diagnosis. With that being said, I make it my business to interact and connect with anyone and everyone. You never know the next person’s story, or journey. I have been meeting with friends and family, whom have an autoimmune disease, but does not allow that to stop them from chasing their dreams! Tomorrow be sure to visit my site, to see the video interview with fashion designer/Artist Jenny Lee Maas! Some upcoming videos include, interview with professional MUA Christine Nesse, singer/song writer Nyticka Hemingway, NJ’s first and youngest lupus advocate, to persuade the state to adding lupus to the approved diagnosis for medicinal marijuana, Hailey Neluna, video interview from my aunt, and Licensed Practical Nurse Kaleida Buckley, video interview with my sister, social worker, B.A.S, Essence Buckley, and an article interview from one of my fellow nursing school friends, Brittany Santiago! All of these stories are different and unique, yet similar, each of these individuals share their journey, on how they were diagnosed and how they have adapted since. Stay tuned! And thank you for supporting “The Purple Purpose πŸ’œ” Please don’t forget to View, like, & share! πŸ’œ

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