4.17.18 When your best friend is a nurse, and saves your life ! πŸ’œ (18:41 , 6:41)

#lupusfact your immune system attacks itself. Anything can trigger a flare, or reaction. Let me brag about to my God! God is too good!Β  I was driving, and out of nowhere, my throat started to swell, face started to swell, and my chest began to feel tight and heavy. I was picking my daughter, and little cousin, up from school, driving alone. No one was home, and I knew these symptoms, I was experiencing oh too well. I knew I needed my epipen. I called my best friend Bianca, whom is a Registered School Nurse, BSN. She talked with me the whole way, and I kept her up to date on my location. She called the paramedics prior to me arriving at home, and as soon as I pulled up she was ready with the epipen, and administered into my left thigh. Shortly after the ambulance arrived, I was transported to Virtua Memorial Hospital, where I am currently being observed and assessed.

“I have LUPUS; Lupus does NOT have me”

I can only imagine how things could’ve been way worse, but because of my last experience, I was more prepared and aware of how to handle the situation. I remained calm, and kept focus. I knew my life was at risk, and I had the kids. I made sure to maintain my stress and anxiety, and kept my mind on my daughter, my future, and my goals.

“When the Nurse saved the nurse!”

It’s a journey, it’s a learning experience, is a lifestyle, I am learning how to listen to body, to care for myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually, one step/day at a time. Thank you Jesus! Amen! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’œ like, follow, share!


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