#Repost! Do your own research; heal your body

Our body is our temple, treat it as suchOh thanks Hailey girl for sharing 💜👌🏾!

Good VS Bad 💪🏾

This journey is far from easy, but I'm starting to see MANY benefits! Once you learn your body, and see the changes, it makes it so much easier and worth it in the end! Visit my blog, view, like, share! Follow me on Pinterest for some more of my top likes and pins! 💜💜💜 pin.it/gtcz3li2meo7fo

The benefits of Elderberry!

Hey Guys! So here's an interesting pin, on the benefits of Elderberry! I swear by this! I purchased my bottle from Whole Foods. I put a few drops in my orange juice every morning, for both myself and the mini me! Helps maintain a healthy immune system! I would definitely add this to the back … Continue reading The benefits of Elderberry!