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corinaMeet Corina Hernandez, C.E.O. and founder of “The Arkline”. Corina started her journey just two years ago, with a vision/dream, of starting her own clothing line and brand. Working hard, defeating the obstacles, and keeping her eye on the prize, Corina launched her line in the summer of 2017. In May of 2018, she hosted her FIRST popup shop, held in Philadelphia. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge Corina, on her hard workΒ  and dedication. I have known Corina for many years, seeing her as one of my little sisters; I am so happy for her and all of her accomplishments! At a very young age, Corina lost her mother to cancer. She keeps her mother very close to her heart, and when asked, her immediate response is, “Everything I do, is for my mom.”

I know you maybe wondering, how does this apply, or what it has to do with The Purple Purpose? Well, The Purple Purpose is my brand, my platform, my way of sharing my journey, living with lupus, through natural and holistic healing. Along the way, I have met some AMAZING people, whom all have an illness, or are caring for a loved one with an illness. You never know what a person is going through from the outside. All of these amazing people, have a purpose, and want to share their experiences, and testimonies, in order to help motivate others, to follow their dreams. The sky is the absolute limit. We can do EVERY and ANYthing our hearts desire, as long as we stay determined, humbled, and dedicated. Congratulations Corina!!!! Your determination, motivation, and shine does not go unnoticed!!!!

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