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Hey Everyone!

Do you like journaling? Do you want to get into journaling, but not sure on where to start or how? Do you ever have trouble finding the right words or prompts? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you might want to read this post!



Let me introduce you to TheJournalDeck! I won The OG Deck on Instagram via a contest hosted by my girl @luminoussoullove. I was not sure what to expect or how the cards even worked initially. After reading the directions, and allowing my myself to really zero in on each prompt, I was extremely surprised. The cards asked questions that made me dig deeper into my truths and really reflect, regroup, and realign. It was therapeutic, very therapeutic to be honest, and a great aide in the healing process. I then did a review on TheJournalDeck and shared the video on my Instagram profile. Through posting the review, the creator/owner of TheJournalDeck replied to my review, and was such a sweet person!



πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎ Moving forward, I was able to be apart of her #whyijournal campaign, and share the reason I journal and how it helps me. It was very therapeutic and I am so glad I was able to be apart of this project. I have to say, I have met some AMAZING people along the way to healing. And I love how we all work together and help motivate one another. Click the link below to view my post on Instagram or scroll down to read my prompt!



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Xiomara from NJβ€” In her own words, this is why she journals. β€œI journal to reflect, regroup, and refocus. I reflect on whatever happened that day or week. It allows me the time and space to really think back and regroup. To let out whatever emotions, and go THROUGH them in that moment, and then refocus and realign. Journaling is very therapeutic. It allows me to be real with myself, to vent, plan, and share whatever is on my mind through writing. I appreciate The Journal Deck, because each card allows me to dig a little bit deeper and pull back the many layers of myself in order to heal. It keeps me sane and allows me to express how I really feel through writing without any judgement, embarrassment or regret. I strongly encourage journaling, it is another modality used to promote healing, self care, self love, and total alignment. #whyijournal #thepurplepurpose #thejournaldeck πŸ’œ . . What an honest, thought out answer. ➑️ Want to be featured? Link in bio to answer a few simple questions and submit your photo! πŸ““

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#whyijournal β€’ β€’ So it’s crazy how God and the universe work. I was scrolling on IG and came across @luminoussoullove. Through watching her IG videos and participating in a contest, I won a deck from @thejournaldeck. Thank you Sharr for being super supportive and encouraging, as I work to heal myself and build my brand in order to help others do the same! πŸ’œ I didn’t know what to expect at first, but after reading the directions and actually sitting down to journal, it really helped me reflect, regroup, and realign. It made me dig deeper than the surface and be true with myself. I even sat with my mom, aunts, and grandma and pulled a few cards so we all could reflect. And they agreed that the OG deck made them really think and reflect. everyone enjoyed it. Fast forward… β€’ β€’ I did a review, and through the review I met the creator of the @thejournaldeck. She was very sweet and supportive from the door! From there we stayed connected, and I was all for being apart of this project! β€’ β€’ Journaling may seem corny to some, but it’s very therapeutic! The questions that come when you pull each card really make you sit back and think. I highly recommend the journal deck! Thank you @alyssakuzins for creating the @thejournaldeck, and for allowing me to be apart of this project! Thank you for supporting me and @thepurplepurpose28 πŸ’œ It’s all love boo! Ladies I strongly encourage you to get you a deck! β€’ β€’ . . Head over to @thejournaldeck to read why I journal! . . #thejournaldeck #healing #journaling #thepurplepurpose #luminoussoullove #selflove #selfcare

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I HIGHLY recommend you heading over to follow @thejournaldeck on IG, and purchase BOTH the OG Deck AND the Goddess Deck! Post your prompts and tag @thejournaldeck and myself @xiomara.elena28 @thepurplepurpose28! I would LOVE to see your posts and how much you enjoy your Deck!

Use the hashtags #whyijournal #thejournaldeck #thepurplepurposeπŸ’œ #thepurplepurpose!



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