Dear Mother Nature,

“Finding Peace, Healing, & Happiness”

So I visited our local farm yesterday with my daughter, aunt, and little cousin. It was the last day of the sunflower trail. We walked and took lots of pictures, and didn’t even realize how much time had passed. To be in such a natural beautiful field of sunflowers was so peaceful and calming. I couldn’t help but smile, and gaze at the field of sunflowers. The various sizes, colors, shapes were all so beautiful. We came across so many beautiful butterflies flying throughout the fields, peacefully in their home. It was such a nice day. So peaceful, the weather was perfect and the atmosphere was perfect. Energy is truly everything. It’s amazing what walking through a field of sunflowers and appreciating Mother Nature can do to your spirit, soul, and energy. Find something to be grateful for, each day. Even if it’s something small, or something in Mother Nature. By doing that you can raise your vibrations, raise your spirit, raise your energy, and be at peace and full of gratitude. What are you grateful for today?


Xiomara πŸ’œπŸŒ»

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