Let’s Talk Mental Health

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10.10.19: let’s talk mental health. If you know me you know my favorite line is “omg I’m nervous”. And in this exact moment I was soooo nervous! I have horrible anxiety, and sometimes I really let it get the best of me. In addition to anxiety, I have suffered from depression. When I was diagnosed with lupus it was such a relief in one aspect, but I felt like the world was coming down on me in the other aspect. Having to go to the doctors multiple times a week, and dealing with the symptoms of the actual illness and medications really took me to another level. I am always the one helping others, and when I was diagnosed I didn’t know what to do, who to go to, or how to handle being diagnosed with an illness that doesn’t get enough attention.

I started my healing journey in the winter of 2017, and since then I have been focusing on ME and my healing (mentally, physically, spiritually), as well as helping others heal, and spreading awareness anywhere I can.

Mental health is frowned upon in our community. We lack resources, we lack, education, we lack the self-confidence, and fear embarrassment. Today, I stepped completely OUT of my comfort zone to join in on an IG live discussion on the importance of mental health in OUR community. “It’s ok to not be ok” it’s ok to seek help, it’s ok to go up to someone new and smile and ask them how they are. Today, I faced my fear of anxiety to discuss my personal experience, as well speak on how we can come together as a community. TODAY I challenge you take care of yourself FIRST. You’re not alone, and it’s ok. If we do not get our minds right, our minds will get us right. Take control of your mental health today! “It’s OK to NOT be OK!” I want to give a huge thanks to @myjcksn owner of @heyblkgirl for the opportunity to speak on something so important. TODAY, take control on your own health, starting with the mind. Head over to @heyblkgirl to watch the live while it’s still available 💜! Visit @thepurplepurpose28 to start your healing journey today! .

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