10.16.19 National Boss’s Day !

“They told me don’t jump with no plan...mmmhhmmm” . . . (I’m a day late but it’s never too late) 10.16.19 National Boss’s Day. Who would’ve thought the little shy girl from the small town of Pemberton, would step out of her shell, and take the risk? . . . I knew I had a … Continue reading 10.16.19 National Boss’s Day !

Have you ever heard of Ganglion Cyst?!?

I have to have surgery y’all 😭. Right pic (right wrist) The picture to the left (left wrist) is a ganglion cyst. I started having issues about 1.5-2 years ago and was told it was tendinitis. Fast forward to 2019, I started to have more pain and noticed the little “knot” “cyst”. It would appear, … Continue reading Have you ever heard of Ganglion Cyst?!?