Post-OP Update 🗣

POST-OP Update 🗣🗣🗣

First off, I just want to give God thanks! thank you to everyone who has called texted prayed sent well wishes ! I appreciate everyone 🙏🏾 GOD IS GOOD!

So I had surgery Monday. It wasn’t anything major at all. I had a cyst removed, that was sitting on top of an artery, pinching a nerve and made my arm numb, causing pain and discomfort. I went for awhile without getting it checked because I knew it would ultimately lead to surgery, if it couldn’t be drained. What do you know, that’s exactly what happened. I can hear my friend Lisa from nursing school say “you know you’re going to need surgery right? But your tough babes.”

Here we are I had the surgery and I’m healing well, managing and going through the pain with NO MEDICATIONS! I declined it and everyone looked at me crazy. The doctors, nurses, family, friends, etc. I have yet to take ANYTHING! Yes my mom did buy OTC Tylenol and Motrin BUT I have yet to open either bottle. The pain hit me yesterday and last night but I refused. I thought I was going to give in but I didn’t. I kept telling myself I am healed and this is temporary. I’ve been drinking turmeric and ginger tea, taking my vitamins, and using other forms of alternative & holistic medicine. Healing starts with the mind and what we feed it. You feed it negativity, you get negative results. You feed it positivity, you get positive results. It’s a process but I’m working my way up. I’m so happy! Y’all have no clue how far I’ve come on this healing journey. This may be small to you but it’s major to me. I told myself I was NOT taking medications post-op, especially pain meds, and I did just that.

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