Words of Encouragement as we enter in the Mercury Retrograde πŸ’œ

Wheeewwww Chile I can feel it already! We’re entering another retrograde! It starts today until November 20th! As we know, the Mercury Retrograde can be VERY exhausting and set us back. But we have to be strong and prepare ourselves. Remembering to cleanse, journal our thoughts and feelings, stay grounded, be mindful, patient, and humble. Below are a few words of Encouragement, to help us through this retrograde and any other day. I have also shared an IG post from @womenofthewomb, follow them now and click the latest post for more tips on how to smoothly sail through this retrograde! Remember Healing is NOT linear, we learn from our feelings and experiences. They are apart of our healing. Take a deep breathe, be gentle and patient with yourself, and conscious of your surroundings. Protect your energy and space Happy Healing πŸ’œ


Xiomara πŸ’œ

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