11.8.19 *post -op update*

11.8.19 *post-op update* β€’ β€’ β€’ Hey y’all! So I got my stitches out today! After 11 long days, they are out! Area is healing well! And the doctor is impressed! The surgeon said it was a pretty impressive ganglion cyst. A few physical therapy sessions, and I will be good to go. He was … Continue reading 11.8.19 *post -op update*

PSA PSA πŸ—£ 🚨

PSA: if you have any household items, wearable/usable clothes and shoes, The Lupus Foundation will come and collect those items from your door step! All items donated goes directly towards those in need and towards the foundation used for research. Y’all know how much I advocate for the lupus community, and helping individuals in need. … Continue reading PSA PSA πŸ—£ 🚨