11.8.19 *post -op update*

11.8.19 *post-op update*

Hey y’all! So I got my stitches out today! After 11 long days, they are out! Area is healing well! And the doctor is impressed! The surgeon said it was a pretty impressive ganglion cyst. A few physical therapy sessions, and I will be good to go. He was impressed at my healing, despite my diagnosis of lupus. •

Let’s just say I am very proud of myself. I did all of this without ANY MEDICATIONS! NONE! NOTHING, NADA! When I tell you that we have the power to heal ourselves, we truly do! It definitely takes some time, patience, faith, and dedication. I tell myself daily that “Healing is NOT linear” it isn’t meant to be either. We learn and gain the most experience and gratitude from those ups and downs, and situations God and the Universe hand us. YOU have the power! I am super excited! Thank you to everyone who continued to check up on me and push me through this time 🙏🏾! It doesn’t stop here, my healing journey continues and I have so much more to share with you all. •

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