Healing while Healing… When two empaths come together

When two people come together, especially two empaths, with the same mindset and goal in mind, the energy is strong and the manifestation of healing can go to a whole different level. I had a Reiki session with my good friend Shante. You see Shante and I are both on this journey to healing, and in this Reiki session, the true gift of healing was revealed. It makes the healing journey much easier when you have someone with the same beliefs and goals, walking beside you and encouraging you. There’s a lot to this healing testimony and it opened my eyes and filled my heart with warmth, comfort, and clarity.

One day we were talking about our healing journey and Shante had shared her personal experience with me, and had encouraged me to give Reiki a try. So I did just that, and it was one of the best experiences I have had. We both started to do our research and became interested in the healing qualities of Reiki and being able to heal others. In June of 2019, we took a class together and became level one certified.

I had the opportunity to have Shante do a reiki session on me, and it was a definitely an eye opening experience. Shante was able to read my body and my mental. She picked up on areas that I did not realize needed attention. Not only was she able to feel and sense what chakras were blocked and out of alignment, but she was able to read me mentally. She was able to tell me what I needed to work on and what my body was trying to tell me it needed and craved. She gave me confirmation on my purpose and my work, and that was something I needed.

We had another opportunity to share a reiki experience, but this time the roles were reversed. Because we are both empaths, and have a strong healing bond, the energy in the room was intensified. But this was a good thing, we were bouncing off each other’s energy and picking up on so much. At the end of the session, we shared our experiences with each other. We were able to be honest with one another and share somethings that we both needed to hear. I was coaching her and she was coaching me, and we respected one another and didn’t take anything offensive, or out of context.

Shante shared with me the peace and calmness of my home. She shared that is was all positive energy and that she felt safe. She was able to connect with the spirit of the original owner, and received a message that she watches over our home and protects us. She shared the importance of grounding and remaining aligned, reminding over and over to take care of myself first, something we both tend to neglect. To some, this may have been awkward or scary, but for me, it was relief. To know that my home was protected and that energy was pure meant a lot.

The power of healing goes far beyond what anyone can imagine or even describe. Energy is truly everything, and when you have a gift and a purpose to heal, that light shines bright with a natural aura and glow. I want to thank Shante for the experience, you have a gift and I will forever be grateful for having the chance to share such an intimate space with you. Healing is not linear, but it is far from impossible.

In order to heal we have to take time for ourselves, to really get to know ourselves, face our truths, and work through the trauma, as we transition to a whole new realm. It encompasses the mind, body, and the spirit. It isn’t meant to be easy or pretty, but thats where the true beauty lies. Thank you Shante for introducing me to a new level of healing, and for sharing your gifts with me, so that I could discover mine. You are healer and I pray that you touch the lives of many many more.





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