The Purple Purpose offers Alternative & Holistic Services such as Level I Reiki Energy Healing + Wellness Coaching.
Founded in 2017 by the Owner, Xiomara Gittens. Xiomara, was diagnosed with Lupus in 2016, after being misdiagnosed from the age of 14. Xiomara created The Purple Purpose, initially to share her testimony and journey to healing, while living through lupus via a personal blog.
In 2018, Xiomara decided to take things further and began helping others on their journey to healing. Using everything she had learned from her personal experience, mentors and healing circle, the use of Dr. Sebi’s practice, Medical Medium, and host of research, Xiomara began to build her brand through educating, advocating, mentoring, & coaching.
In 2019, Xiomara decided to take things a little further, turning what started off as a personal blog, to what is now HER brand. In June of 2019, she became a Level I Reiki Practitioner + Wellness Coach. The Purple Purpose has now become a business and a brand, offering Alternative & Holistic Services to help others on their journey to healing.
Healing encompasses the mind, body, & the spirit. It takes time, patience, and faith. Our bodies are our temples, and we must treat them as such. No one Journey is the same; we all have the gift of healing.
Your Journey to Healing Awaits… -The Purple Purpose