I Need Your Help! 🗣🗣🗣

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Health update alert 🚨 🚨 🚨!

Hey guys! Super excited to share the news I received today, while at the urgent care. I haven't been feeling too well, so I decided to go get checked out! And although, I left with a diagnosis of bronchitis, the news I got today was worth the trip! Click the link below to view my … Continue reading Health update alert 🚨 🚨 🚨!

Found this Interesting Read on Pinterest

Hey Guys! So one of the biggest things, currently trending in the health world, is having a  "Gluten Intolerance." So many people are developing a gluten intolerance, and many people are unaware of associated causes that can lead to becoming gluten intolerant. I came across this interesting read on Pinterest, which lists 10 signs that … Continue reading Found this Interesting Read on Pinterest

Attention Ladies 🗣🗣🗣

Hey Ladies! Soooo I have been getting a lot of requests on diet, exercise, and how to fit them both into your daily routines. So with that being said, you asked, and I answered! It's SUPER important to try to, not only, maintain a healthy diet, but to stay active, in order to maintain a … Continue reading Attention Ladies 🗣🗣🗣

Check out my girl Hailey! Update #2 on New Routine

Check out my girl Hailey! She's started her journey with her new wellness business! And is seeing results after only ONE month! Going to be collaborating with her very soon, and will be documenting my journey as well. For more information or to follow her on her journey, visit her blog! #rawthoughtshealing #thepurplepurpose💜 Update #2 … Continue reading Check out my girl Hailey! Update #2 on New Routine

Check out my girl Hailey’s blog! She just launched her new wellness business! 👉🏾 Click, Like, Share💜! (F*ck Lupus, Get Healthy) #thepurplepurpose💜 #rawthoughtshealing💜

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Interview with Fashion Designer/Artist & Sculptor Jenny Lee Maas today !

Today I will be interviewing Philadelphia's Fashion Designer/Artist & Sculptor Jenny Lee Maas (@jenny_lee_maas--> IG) We will be discussing her personal love for fashion, design, and art, as well as, her personal life, and living with an autoimmune disease. Stay tuned for the video 💜💜💜https://www.instagram.com/jenny_lee_maas

"Leave a mark they can't erase" -S. Carter (jay z) I am so excited, blessed, nervous, about the progress "The Purple Purpose" is making. Many of you may know my story, and my journey to becoming a Nurse Practitioner of Rheumatology, visit my site "The Purple Purpose" for real experiences, videos, stories, & helpful tips! … Continue reading