It’s been awhile ! HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!

Hello beautiful people! It's be awhile! I would like to RE-introduce myself for those of you who are new. My name is Xiomara, I am a lupus warrior and owner of The Purple Purpose. The Purple Purpose is my baby! My brand I have created from scratch which encompasses advocating in the lupus community, alternative … Continue reading It’s been awhile ! HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!

Healing while Healing… When two empaths come together

When two people come together, especially two empaths, with the same mindset and goal in mind, the energy is strong and the manifestation of healing can go to a whole different level. I had a Reiki session with my good friend Shante. You see Shante and I are both on this journey to healing, and … Continue reading Healing while Healing… When two empaths come together

Important Announcement

Hello everyone! So I have to announce that I am in the process of trying to change the name of my business page Xiomara to “The Purple Purpose”, So that it will no longer conflict with my personal page. I apologize for the inconvenience, I’ve been working hard on trying to make the change. I … Continue reading Important Announcement

11.8.19 *post -op update*

11.8.19 *post-op update* • • • Hey y’all! So I got my stitches out today! After 11 long days, they are out! Area is healing well! And the doctor is impressed! The surgeon said it was a pretty impressive ganglion cyst. A few physical therapy sessions, and I will be good to go. He was … Continue reading 11.8.19 *post -op update*


PSA: if you have any household items, wearable/usable clothes and shoes, The Lupus Foundation will come and collect those items from your door step! All items donated goes directly towards those in need and towards the foundation used for research. Y’all know how much I advocate for the lupus community, and helping individuals in need. … Continue reading PSA PSA 🗣 🚨

Words of Encouragement as we enter in the Mercury Retrograde 💜

Wheeewwww Chile I can feel it already! We're entering another retrograde! It starts today until November 20th! As we know, the Mercury Retrograde can be VERY exhausting and set us back. But we have to be strong and prepare ourselves. Remembering to cleanse, journal our thoughts and feelings, stay grounded, be mindful, patient, and humble. … Continue reading Words of Encouragement as we enter in the Mercury Retrograde 💜

Post-OP Update 🗣

POST-OP Update 🗣🗣🗣 First off, I just want to give God thanks! thank you to everyone who has called texted prayed sent well wishes ! I appreciate everyone 🙏🏾 GOD IS GOOD! • • • So I had surgery Monday. It wasn’t anything major at all. I had a cyst removed, that was sitting on … Continue reading Post-OP Update 🗣

Last Quarter! Are you ready?!?

I saw this post on IG and it really hit home! It's been a roller coaster! But as we know healing is NOT linear. The ups and downs, are just teaching us valuable lessons, as God and the universe is preparing us for greater. Grab tight! Protect your space and energy, and remain humble! Let's … Continue reading Last Quarter! Are you ready?!?

10.16.19 National Boss’s Day !

“They told me don’t jump with no plan...mmmhhmmm” . . . (I’m a day late but it’s never too late) 10.16.19 National Boss’s Day. Who would’ve thought the little shy girl from the small town of Pemberton, would step out of her shell, and take the risk? . . . I knew I had a … Continue reading 10.16.19 National Boss’s Day !

Have you ever heard of Ganglion Cyst?!?

I have to have surgery y’all 😭. Right pic (right wrist) The picture to the left (left wrist) is a ganglion cyst. I started having issues about 1.5-2 years ago and was told it was tendinitis. Fast forward to 2019, I started to have more pain and noticed the little “knot” “cyst”. It would appear, … Continue reading Have you ever heard of Ganglion Cyst?!?