“I HAVE Lupus, Lupus Does NOT Have Me!”
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My name is Xiomara, welcome to “The Purple Purpose”, and thank you for allowing me to share my journey!  The Purple Purpose started off, as a team name I created when I joined to walk with The Lupus Foundation of America, Tri-State Chapter. After going through many obstacles and setbacks, mentally and physically; being diagnosed with Lupus, I was starting to give thought to giving up. As a result of everything that has happened, and the toll it has taken on my body, I’ve decided to take my healing into my OWN hands. I began to research, and started to heal myself naturally and holistically.  I started The Purple Purpose, to share my journey and testimony, live & raw, as I educate & heal myself, holistically & naturally. It’s far from easy, but I am dedicated and motivated, and have the BEST support system behind me. As I educate and heal myself, the more I come in contact with so many amazing people, living THROUGH an illness, rather than with it. We all have a purpose, my purpose is to help others heal, as a whole. I have a long way to go, but I promise as you follow, you will learn something new about yourself & your body. Our bodies are our temples, we have to treat them as such. It’s never too late to start a new lifestyle. Keep following my blog for updated content, stories, testimonies, and more! Thank You for taking the time to visit The Purple Purpose!


Xiomara Elena


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