It’s been awhile ! HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!

Hello beautiful people! It's be awhile! I would like to RE-introduce myself for those of you who are new. My name is Xiomara, I am a lupus warrior and owner of The Purple Purpose. The Purple Purpose is my baby! My brand I have created from scratch which encompasses advocating in the lupus community, alternative … Continue reading It’s been awhile ! HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!

Healing while Healing… When two empaths come together

When two people come together, especially two empaths, with the same mindset and goal in mind, the energy is strong and the manifestation of healing can go to a whole different level. I had a Reiki session with my good friend Shante. You see Shante and I are both on this journey to healing, and … Continue reading Healing while Healing… When two empaths come together

11.8.19 *post -op update*

11.8.19 *post-op update* • • • Hey y’all! So I got my stitches out today! After 11 long days, they are out! Area is healing well! And the doctor is impressed! The surgeon said it was a pretty impressive ganglion cyst. A few physical therapy sessions, and I will be good to go. He was … Continue reading 11.8.19 *post -op update*

Grounding + reiki

Grounding in the most peaceful place 🧘🏽‍♀️ . . . It’s important to ground yourself, spend time in the outdoors. Whether it’s in the grass, at the beach, wherever is Mother Nature. Tbh, it’s hard for me to ground in the grass. I do when I can, but my favorite place to ground is on … Continue reading Grounding + reiki

#tbt ! Are you having Gastric Issues?!?

Are you having gastric issues lately, skin problems, food allergies?!? Are you on the journey to healing?!? Click the link below and watch this video with my friend, more like fam Ms. Nyticka Hemingway! Celebrating Tiki and her birthday today! Click that link and watch the video ! Have a great day loves ✨🌱 xoxo … Continue reading #tbt ! Are you having Gastric Issues?!?

Wellness check alert 🚨

Wellness Check 🚨: . . . So I had my 3 month wellness check on Monday. I saw my Nurse Practitioner, and I was truly amazed, full of joy, and tears filled my eyes. She went over the labs I had done prior to the visit, and her exact words were “WOW, Xio your labs … Continue reading Wellness check alert 🚨

Celebrating EVERY win ✨

Celebrate your EVERY win, whether big or small! So excited for this! My journey to healing has taught me so much, it has taught me the importance of self education and having faith in yourself, knowing that God has your back no matter what. My goal is to open my own holistic/wellness center. A space, … Continue reading Celebrating EVERY win ✨

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