Jenny Lee Maas

Hey Guys Hey!

I am working hard on my upcoming content! If you missed it, here’s a #flashbackfriday, my very “FIRST” video interview, with Ms. Jenny Lee Maas! Link below! Happy Friday! Click, like, share! Subscribe & follow The Purple Purpose!


La Princesa

First Video Interview!!! #flashbackfriday


Savanah’s Story πŸ’œ

it amazes me how every story is so different, but yet so similar. And each one seems to amaze me! It’s hard dealing with an illness, especially at such a young age. It’s hard to talk because you don’t want to seem like a burden, or the one who “always” complains. Click the link below to view Savanah’s testimonial πŸ’œ don’t forget to share, follow, & subscribe to her page!