Alicia’s Testimonial

So last week I had a great reiki session , my first and it definitely won’t be my last. Going into it I was a bit skeptical but i figured it can’t hurt. I am currently on a journey to become a better me and I wanted to start with my root. A little about me, I am a normal woman in today’s world, struggling to balance life and all the directions it pulls you in due to all of our different roles.
The session from beginning to end was very professional and therapeutic. I almost fell asleep ( that’s how relaxed I was). I honestly didn’t think I’d “feel” anything and have to pretend at the end but I can honestly say that I def felt it! At the end when Xio explained certain things it all made sense. If anyone is skeptical about reiki or just wants to see if it’s something you’d like to do or add to your self care routine I would def suggest it. I went in the shower right away and did some grounding !!! I am excited to book my next session to see what progress i am making.
Also after our session although I felt a little disappointed in myself it was definitely eye opening experience and gave me a starting point . Xio was amazing at opening me up. She definitely has a gift for this and you’d be privileged to have her perform your reiki session.