Chanele’s Testimonial

I had a reiki session for the first time ever yesterday and it was definitely an eye opening experience. I’m on a journey of healing which led me here. I had my session with a good friend of mine Xiomara. She is a healer amongst many other things as well. Going into it definitely gave me a feeling of jumping out of the box and doing something new. I knew little to nothing about reiki. First and foremost Xio was amazing. To know her is to love her. She has an energy that makes you feel super comfortable and just open with her, she also just gives off positive vibes. At first I was in my head thinking and couldn’t just let go. Once I gave myself “permission” to release my thoughts and relax, she was able to work and it was honestly mind blowing. The session itself was relaxing to the point where I had actually fell asleep for a moment. Haha! After the session I felt lighter and with a new soul quiet. When she told me what she had picked up on I was shocked. I was shocked because what she had found was absolutely on the money, which to me means that the session was what I needed. She left me with tons of information and ways to help unblock certain chakras. When she left I had time to really think about our session and I actually shed a tear because everything she told me Ive been feeling and knowing I need to make changes. Xio I just want to thank you for enlightening me to a great experience. Reiki was my answer to shedding an old skin and growing a new one. As I’m writing this today I feel this overwhelming feeling of freedom. Now it’s my turn to put in the work and I’ll be back for another session in a few weeks. I would definitely recommend anyone who is open to it to try it! Special hands of healing for those who open up their minds to its extraordinary touch, even if you don’t understand its purpose at the moment it will help you learn, heal, and grow. It was a true life changing event for me.