Les & Ant’s Testimonial

I’m not new to Reiki, so I went into my first session with Xiomara pretty confident about what to expect. I knew that Reiki had been beneficial to me at another time in my life.. but as i tend to do with most things health-related, I stopped going when I felt like I was “healed.” Fast forward two and a half years and I can honestly say that some of those issues that I was working on before, have only gotten so much worse!

Xiomara provided a level of healing and attention that I was NOT expecting! During my first session she provided light reading material to give some background on Reiki and what benefits are associated with the practice. We discussed some issues I was having and what expectations I had, and she briefed me on a few things that I might experience during my session.She jumped right in, doing an analysis of my Chakras and proceeded to work on my problem areas (blockages.) After only one session, I felt an instant weight lifted!

One of my biggest issues is constantly having too much on my mind. Between my full-time job, my business, being a mother and wife – I need all of the mental clarity I can get! The first improvement I saw from just one session was the feeling of being more centered, grounded, and focused. Residual benefits were: becoming extremely productive in the days and weeks following, as well as finally being motivated again!

My husband, who was initially a little skeptical, saw the difference in my energy right away and decided to book his own session the following week! Reiki is something I was hoping we would both take part in to further our healing as a family, but the unknown can be intimidating. After his first session, he was hooked too.

As a couple, my husband and I have been able to eliminate a lot of the “noise” between us that often gets dragged in after a long day of work. Our conversations are a lot more light-hearted and meaningful because our moods and productivity have seen tremendous improvement.

Since my first session about a month ago, Xiomara and I have continued to meet weekly to work on achieving the proper balance and energy flow that I’m so desperate to achieve. Something she always tells me is: “healing isn’t linear.” I’ve had some great weeks and some really hard weeks but I’m staying consistent on my path to healing. I love that I have the added support from Xiomara between sessions to ask questions and even vent!

If you’re new to Reiki, or wanting to try it again, I HIGHLY recommend booking with Xiomara 💜